We have updated #MusicMap in #Spotify. Please let us know how it works for you: http://www.getmusicmap.com/

MusicMap released on Spotify

I am very happy to announce that today MusicMap has been released to Spotify! You can find MusicMap in Spotify’s App Finder or by visiting our web page: http://www.getmusicmap.com/. Please note that you need to have Spotify installed on your computer in order to launch MusicMap.

With MusicMap you navigate a 3D model of the earth and when you click on a country we start playing the hottest music by artists from that country. You can filter the music by genre like rock or classical. You can also share your experience with your friends by clicking the Twitter, Facebook or Google share buttons.

So get over to http://www.getmusicmap.com, try the app and let us know what you think.

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MusicMap Spotify Submission

Just submitted the App Concept for MusicMap to Spotify!


Discover new music browsing the globe through time and space with MusicMap

I recently took part in the creation of a spotify app using echonest and sendgrid APIs for disovering music across the globe. The app was hacked together a few days before and during a hackathon called wowhack2, together with @jensljungblad, @_sandrahansson and @Joohannat. 

When you click on a country a playlist with one song per artist from the 15 hottest artists (available in spotify) from that country starts playing. You can specify a year span for the songs and a few different genres to filter the playlist on. In the bottom left corner a custom audio visualizer starts animating when a song starts playing. There is also a button for sending emails to @mager at spotify if spotify lacked songs from a particular country e.g. north korea.

Because the chromium version spotify uses has some issues with rendering webgl on some computer we made both a 2d and 3d map.

So what’s next? Submitting the app for the spotify app store and look into making the app a standalone webapp.

3D Version:

2D Version


MusicMap Logo: